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Servicing Companies in Shelby, Hickory, Rock Hill and more.

25+ Years Computer & Manufacturing Engineering experience.

  Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Serving Shelby, NC Area since 2007

Desktop and Server Support Computer Web Social Media Support for Shelby, NC and surrounding area smart phones

Our Goal is to offer more than just simple computer support. We will handle all your computer related services. Including but not limited  to PC, Software, Anti virus, Backups, Web design including Mobile web for smart phones, Social Media Marketing and more.

Serving the Shelby, NC area since 2007

Open M-F 8:00am 5:pm


130 Annie Carpenter Drive Shelby, NC

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We Manage all your technology needs

From Computer, Social Media, Web design,

Networking, Software, Backups and more

By the hour or contract. On site and remote

support at a cost you can afford.